Revolutionize Value Chain Visibility & Collaboration through Connected Partner Ecosystem

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About the Webinar

Supply chains worldwide continue to grapple with economic uncertainties, geopolitical tensions, and unpredictable demand shifts. For organizations to succeed, each element in the value network—from suppliers and channel partners to warehouse or logistics providers—must work in harmony. Companies need to have visibility of what is happening across the value chain, be able to collaborate, exchange data and orchestrate supply chain processes with partner ecosystem seamlessly in near real-time.

However, achieving this is challenging; only 21% of organizations have complete supply chain visibility, and acknowledge their network collaboration as a work in progress.

In this On-Demand Webinar, in association with SupplyChainBrain, watch Eric Thompson, Research Director – Supply Chain Planning at IDC, Rahul Ubgade, Vice President at Infosys & Suresh Bharadwaj, Global Platform Head – TradeEdge at EdgeVerve in an exclusive panel discussion, as they share pragmatic approaches & insights on how a connected, cognitive, and responsive supply chain network is critical for enterprises to swiftly access alternative suppliers, distribution channels, or fulfillment partners, adapting to rapidly changing market dynamics.

Key takeaways from discussion:


Eric Thompson

Research Director - Global Supply Planning, IDC

Suresh Prahlad Bharadwaj

AVP & Global Platform Head, TradeEdge, EdgeVerve

Rahul Ubgade

VP – Consumer, Retail & Logistics, Infosys