Digital Product Traceability

The COVID-19 crisis has undeniably impacted the global economy, with challenges experienced in tracking and tracing products in today’s supply chain environment. With the ongoing pandemic, product recalls are a nightmare for a company, impacting both the bottom line as well as brand damage. Product recalls cause unexpected disruption to the supply chain and can have serious repercussions.

How can companies overcome traceability challenges? How can companies minimize the negative consequences of recalls?

Effective traceability solutions combined with data collation — across a plethora of sources and systems, harmonized & orchestrated in near real-time — is the answer. By leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies, the collated information can be cross-referenced with a connected transactional system of records anywhere within the supply chain network, making data truly powerful. Moreover, near real-time visibility into products makes recalls a breeze.

This POV emphasizes why traceability is fundamental to the survival of the global supply chain, especially in these challenging times. Download the POV to learn more.

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