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Walmart Luminate and why suppliers need to act fast

January 11, 2024


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From early 2024, Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, will cease support for Retail Links’ Decisions Support Systems (DSS) and switch to Walmart Luminate, an expansive new suite of data products for its U.S. suppliers. Walmart Luminate offers its suppliers access to rich, aggregated, and more granular consumer insights compared to Retail Link.

The next-generation data suite, Walmart Luminate goes beyond sales and performance data, providing insights into both store and online sales through its three modules: Shopper Behavior, Customer Perception, and Channel Performance.

For CPG and manufacturing companies selling through Walmart (acting as suppliers), this data will be crucial for making critical business decisions, owing to the substantial retail sales that Walmart generates for them. Walmart Luminate is positioned to be the single source of truth for its suppliers, bringing a host of actionable insights – provided, you are prepared to integrate and infuse that data into your systems.

To successfully switch over to Walmart Luminate, you would need a mechanism in place that can onboard and ingest the Walmart Luminate data at speed while ensuring all your existing systems, applications, or processes that might be tuned to DSS data feeds function uninterruptedly.

However, this would require your teams to put in a lot more work, rebuilding systems and data pipelines in line with Walmart Luminate data and have a new level of expertise to derive custom KPIs for your specific organizational needs. And they’d need to continually do so because the Walmart Luminate data suite will be constantly evolving.

Opportunities – and a challenge for the unprepared

Walmart Luminate comes with a Basic plan and a Charter plan. In order to democratize data and insights, the Basic plan is being offered free of cost to Walmart suppliers.

The Charter plan, a paid subscription, gives suppliers full access to the entire Walmart Luminate suite. For instance, the store and e-commerce sales data are available under both plans, but the omni-sales with channel breakout or data feeds are available only to Charter plan subscribers.

How can Infosys TradeEdge help?

Infosys TradeEdge, our intelligent supply chain platform, is unique in that it has a proven track record and over a decade of relevant expertise, assisting 35+ leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and manufacturing companies to channel data and visibility. TradeEdge has assisted prominent brands, including a Fortune 50 CPG company, swiftly onboard Walmart Luminate and deliver custom KPIs to maximize their ROI.

TradeEdge provides a pre-built, out-of-the-box adapter with pre-configured transformations, to onboard Walmart Luminate data in a matter of days instead of months, and hit the ground running. The platform’s AI-ML-powered harmonization capabilities standardize and transform the data into your organizational hierarchies, delivering consumption-ready data instantly.

Regardless of the channels, files, or formats, TradeEdge data transformation capabilities guarantee continuous data pipelines for your internal systems.

The commitment doesn’t stop there. Our team of functional experts will tackle all incremental or new data sets Walmart Luminate comes up with and ensure this data reaches organizational systems seamlessly, without hiccups.

Whether you opt for the Basic plan or the Charter plan, TradeEdge is here to assist you with Walmart Luminate and help you maximize the value of your investments.

Over to you

Like all modern businesses, yours also relies on how well you can leverage data analytics. With Walmart Luminate, you will have a substantial amount of data at your disposal. Your success will depend on how effectively you can use that data in a timely manner.

Infosys TradeEdge offers solutions to CPG and manufacturing companies, enabling them to onboard Walmart Luminate and reduce the time required, from months to days. TradeEdge gives you access to harmonized, consumption-ready data and delivers custom KPIs aligned with your business processes and goals.

Have questions? We’ll be happy to answer them.

Unlock the full potential of Walmart Luminate at speed with Infosys TradeEdge

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