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How can procurement and spend analytics solutions benefit your business?

December 1, 2022 - Team EdgeVerve


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Procurement is an essential part of trading. Its ability to supply goods and services reinforces supply chains and their respective management. However, it cannot be denied that there are some significant procurement challenges that are mitigating supply risks, handling dark purchasing (outside the standard protocol), and dealing with obscurity, erroneous information and data, and outdated mechanisms. This is where spend analytics in procurement plays a significant role in streamlining the supply chain.

Supply chain procurement enables companies to resolve the root cause of procurement uncertainties and minimize supply chain disruptions by providing valuable data-driven insights. It also augments the statistical trend-based extrapolation and predictive analytics, which helps in attaining the needed accuracy in forecasting and sensing customers’ demand.

The role of spend analytics in procurement

Supply chain procurement has been a trending topic due to its obvious requirement of daily critical supplies. However, procurement is one of those areas that needs to be more visible. As a result, it becomes challenging to identify the problems and cooperate with the suppliers to respond to their crucial requirements for reviewing and focusing on expenses. This is why spend analytics in procurement comes into the picture to offer insights for purchase order data-based decision-making.

Thus, they enable better output and forecasting scope for end-to-end automation along with supply resilience getting fortified with spend analytics, as is sustainability in terms of long-term impact decisions. Also, product development cycles are accelerated using such intelligent pathways, and cash flows can be monitored even more efficiently. Hence, by applying spend analytics, firms can easily restructure supply chain management, which will drive procurement activities that can make businesses more profitable.

This is possible spend analytics can focus on important concepts, such as the fact that anywhere between 40 to 80% of a company’s overall budget should be optimized for spending on external suppliers. Also, only 50% of surveyed brands believe that procurement was handled better during the pandemic than compared to the 2008 global economic turmoil. So, supply chain companies can take some clues from such positive perceptions and base their decisions accordingly.

Moreover, detailed expenditure analysis will only strengthen the ability of procurement firms to know precisely what to expect or at least better prepare for it. This way, they can collectively reduce cost and resource usage through more efficient management practices. So, the valuable insights which are relatively easy to obtain following a spend analysis can be productive for procurement by making brands aware of the factors affecting purchasing and orders, and knowing what can be controlled or mitigated (where feasible). This way, actionable data is what will continue to promote sustainable operations. Therefore, all stakeholders can be assured that whatever data they receive will be accurate and readily available for analysis.

Benefits of spend analytics in procurement

How does spend analytics work?

The process of identifying what information or data needs to be analyzed, then collating this to filter and cleanse before being categorized for fitment into a presentable report. The idea behind all such processes is nothing more than understanding the underlying principles of procurement. Following this, the overall process of ensuring an apt procurement process is set in place, ready to handle almost any unexpected supply situation. All in the name of making businesses as efficient and responsive as possible.

These sub-processes highlight the need for an interface that handles and caters to all affiliated actions promoting procurement. With these handy solutions, many spend analytics processes can be automated or AI-driven, saving time and money.

The future of procurement and spend analytics

Automation and AI solely drive procurement via channels, including cost analysis. Suddenly, many marginalized industries are recognized with this inclusivity. However, to be prepared for this, solutions must always be flexible, adaptable, and self-learning.

Businesses need procurement solutions to enhance how they work in supplying their customers. Spend analytics plays a vital role in achieving this by titrating the required levels of every metric and ensuring that nothing is ever excessive. This delicate balancing act drives precision and accuracy. With these enhancements, supply chains also become more resilient to untoward events.

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