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How can a responsive route planning solution help unlock unlimited possibilities?

August 11, 2022


The e-commerce industry is flourishing rampantly while customer preferences are constantly shifting with the expectation of their ordered goods’ delivery bandwidth getting reduced to ‘few hours’ or ‘same-day.’ As a result, route planning solutions for identifying the most beneficial route have become one of the most sought-after resolutions for logistics companies in recent times.

However, let us first delve into the fundamentals of route planning and its significance in logistics before discussing it at length.

What is route planning, and why is it essential?

Route planning is the method of figuring out the most profitable route, including maximum stops with the least amount of time consumed for the delivery of products. Businesses use real-time delivery route planning solutions to identify the best way out for deliveries.

A responsive route planning is vital in logistics as the companies must adapt to the customer delivery supplies, route availability and accessibility, and vehicle problems to guarantee reduced operational cost and improved customer satisfaction.

Going beyond traditional route planning

Transforming traditional, linear supply chains into connected, intelligent, supply networks is more important than ever.

Traditional or manual route planning, and multiple stops scheduling takes hours that are not productive and efficient. In addition, the manual approach fails to handle real-time events that impact daily business productivity.

On the other hand, a responsive route planning solution considers weather, traffic, customer availability, real-time order tracking, and route optimization to help companies regularly track the changes that impact the delivery chain in real-time.

Some challenges of traditional route planning:

Significant benefits of a responsive route planning solution

Automated route planning: A business route planning solution considers the historical data, weather conditions, and traffic to identify the shortest route between the warehouse and the customer’s place, which helps in saving time and fuel and eliminates bias.

Real-time visibility and tracking: Getting real-time updates of the position and fleet obtainability via route planning and optimization solution will help better control the fleet and drivers. It will also enable the source to connect with the driver directly to ensure that they do not take any needless breaks on the way and guide them through any hindrances that will help maintain delivery timelines.

Pick up and replace: Nowadays, companies can interact with their delivery officials via mobiles, thus allowing them to manage and regulate job allocation, sequence, routing, and real-time customer communication.

Increase in outlet coverage and reach: The outlet coverage and reach can only be augmented by balancing the visit regularity for high impact to low performing outlets through an effective business route planning solution.

Increase in sales rep efficiency and productivity: By implementing route planning solution, sales rep efficiency and productivity can be improved remarkably as the solution speeds up the process, thus minimizing the time consumption.

Unlock new possibilities with TradeEdge Route Planning

TradeEdge, a smart supply chain management platform, enables large enterprises to gain maximum route visibility, thus enabling them to deliver products faster. Its enterprise-grade solution, TradeEdge Route Planning, helps unlock the true potential of distribution networks for businesses.

Driven by AI and ML algorithms, it is a responsive and scalable digital solution that keeps companies in total control over their route planning activities.

With the snags increasing in the route planning activities, it is now the perfect time for logistics companies operating in real-time to opt for a solution like TradeEdge Route Planning to chart the optimized routes for enhancing delivery efficiency and decreasing the operational costs.

Possibilities Unlimited

Possibilities Unlimited

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