Infosys Nia™ AML named a Strong Performer by Forrester


The Forrester New Wave: Automation-Focused Machine Learning Solutions

Forrester’s latest report on Automation focused Machine Learning solutions is focused on helping Application Development and Delivery professionals to select the right partner for their AutoML needs.

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What is AutoML?

AutoML helps organizations looking to scale their ML use to empower their non-data scientists to build predictive models, or boost existing data scientists’ productivity. They automate end-to-end lifecycle of developing and deploying predictive models – from data prep through feature engineering, model training, validation and model operations.

What is in the report?

The report evaluates emerging technologies in the AutoML space. It carries the performance evaluation for user experience, data handling, feature engineering, coverage of ML methods by the solution, and more.

EdgeVerve’s Infosys Nia™ has been named as a Strong Performer by Forrester for its differentiated Data, Training and Road Map performance. Forrester acknowledges that Infosys Nia is on par with leaders in User Experience, ML Methods, Model operations, vision and Market approach.

According to Forrester, “Infosys Nia AML gives you the data tools to make AutoML successful. By combining scalable AutoML with a host of easy-to-use ETL and data prep capabilities, it allows you to build and deploy AutoML solutions where others would require non-integrated, third-party tools”.

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