A one size fits all approach to document extraction, processing and comprehension does not apply in most enterprise scenarios. To successfully unlock business value from enterprise documents regardless of their complexity or domain specificity, a purpose-built document extraction, processing and comprehension platform like XtractEdge Platform is required.

With its advanced AI capabilities that use an ensemble of various Machine Learning and Deep Learning based techniques, flexible data management and analytics pipelines, XtractEdge Platform structures world’s complex multi-document data, makes it consumption ready to unlock the latent business value.

XtractEdge Platform optimizes the document extraction, processing and comprehension pipeline to help enterprises unlock business value faster.


Ingest and Extract complex document layouts, text and visual objects.


Enhance extracted data with contextual information.


Derive insights from extracted data.


Consume analyzed information via downstream integration and search

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Enterprise Document Challenges

  • Is your Enterprise struggling to comprehend a deluge of data to uncover underlying business value?
  • Are your users enabled to process extremely diverse, domain specific and complex documents?
  • Does your workforce spend considerable time and effort in processing documents manually?
  • Are your users enabled to finding precise answers to business questions from across Enterprise documents?

Key Capabilities


Superior AI-powered document processing

  • Built-in connectors for integration with Enterprise Applications
  • Automated classification of document categories based on the document content or visual layout.
  • Complex and precise data extraction from various documents types and formats without prior template training.
  • Deep Learning Computer Vision models for object detection and NLP models for intent, entity extraction
  • Cognitive Search for natural language and keyword-based queries
  • Intuitive GUI Workbench for guided manual review with feedback loop
  • Performance analytics dashboard for effective Quality Control
  • GUI based orchestration workbench to create custom workflows and flexible custom post-processing

Enterprise Ready Platform


  • Professional services enabled delivery, customization, integration & support
  • Managed Services for infrastructure set-up, deployment and product support
  • Ease of use, enterprise scale and security

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Value Proposition for the Enterprise


  • Faster time to value and improved productivity
  • Leverage insights and information to drive effective business outcomes
  • Stay compliant with industry regulations
  • Any enterprise document, one solution

A large US-based bank digitized and processed 170K+ loan application documents with 90% accuracy

Our client is one of the oldest and largest US-based financial institutions, offering a broad range of retail and commercial banking products and services.

Challenge – The client had to review and approve 25K+ loan applications in a week, amid COVID-19 and an unprecedented surge in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Small Business Administration (SBA) related loan applications.

With XtractEdge Platform, they accelerated the loan processing and helped our client achieve data accuracy of around 90%.

XtractEdge Platform

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