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Conversational AI

Infosys Nia Chatbot brings conversational artificial intelligence capabilities to existing and new enterprise applications. It leverages existing enterprise channels and newer channels such as social, mobile, devices to provide on-demand access to enterprise knowledge with ease.

Nia Chatbot is delivered as an end-to-end offering with flexible deployment options. Nia Chatbot expands the scope of automation beyond IT simplification and optimization by helping clients to build smart conversational user interfaces on their core business systems.

Reduce cost of operations


Improve customer satisfaction


Reduce issue resolution time

Rule based automation of processes to empower employees to focus on strategic responsibilities.

Customers are demanding self service and are no longer willing to wait for weeks, days or hours for resolution.

Increasing operational costs due to high turnover rates and the need for training.

  • Conversational Business Libraries - Bots for business domains and verticals with preconfigured intents

  • Hyper personalization - Build bots centralized for enterprises and personalized for users

  • Integrate and deploy everywhere - Work across interfaces and channels

  • Leverage Deep Learning and advanced NLG models

  • Out of the Box Features: Prototype Builders, Decision Tree Configuration and Conversational Testing Toolkit for quicker deployments

Reimagining query resolution for a large US Financial Corporation

Nia Chatbot is helping enterprises to use AI to enhance their customer experience.

Answering vendor queries accounted for large part of support costs for the client. Nia Chatbot integrated with ERP system to fetch the data. It was deployed on the vendor management web portal to automate the query resolution process for making the function more cost-effective.

  • Reduction in calls/emails to customer service associate by 20%

  • Query resolution reduced from 2 days to 3 minutes


Employee Helpdesk for a Large Bank in South East Asia

Automation of queries related to operations and compliance raised to employee helpdesk. NIA ChatBot integrated with Knowledge Management System and deployed on the internal helpdesk portal to answer employee queries.

  • Reduction in emails and calls to helpdesk

  • Cost savings with reduction in manual intervention

Travel Expense Management helpdesk for a US based Financial Services Company

Required enhanced mobile experience for customers with on-the-go management of travel expense related claims. When an expense is registered, it alerts and triggers a chat with the traveler for settling the claim in real-time.

  • Faster and easy reconciliation of travel related expenses and claims for the users

  • Improving policy compliance and process simplification

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