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Leading Software Service Company with over 10.94 billion USD in revenues.

  • A team of 70 Financial Accountants dedicated to reviewing Statement of Work (SoW) from clients.

  • Manual Extraction of financial T&C and determining contractual obligations & risks.

  • Highly manual, taking up bandwidth from core activities.

  • Zero Tolerance to any inaccuracy due to compliance risk and loss of credibility.

Solution provided

  • Contracts worth 4.4 billion USD is processed using Nia Contracts Analysis.

  • Over 1400 different formats of customer contracts is ingested in the system.

  • Over 27 different intents and entities, 44 other risk flagging extracted using Nia.

  • Automated extraction of table data.

Key Benefits

  • 30,000 person hours saved per year

  • Improved Compliance

  • Contracts interpretation is easier and financial risks are mitigated

  • Created opportunities for downstream automation

Case Studies

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Reading Contracts for Revenue Compliance

Leading Software Service Company with over 10.94 billion USD in revenues.