R3 Cordacon

Date: Sep 12, 2018
Time: 9 AM to 9 PM Asia/Kolkata
LOCATION: London, United Kingdom

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About the event

Join Finacle and learn more about the developments in Blockchain at the R3 CordaCon event, where the latest technologies and innovations will be discussed and presented.

We encourage delegates to explore proven and in-production Blockchain based solutions for banking. At Infosys Finacle, we have developed several blockchain based banking solutions, covering trade finance, international remittances, payments, digital identity management, smart contracts, open accounts, invoice financing, and others. Critically, our solutions are agnostic to the underlying distributed ledger technology.

Recently Finacle Trade Connect, a blockchain solution to digitize trade finance banking business processes, was adopted for a pilot by 17 banks across the world. The banks digitized their trade finance processes, including validation of ownership, certification of documents and making payments, while working on a distributed, trusted and shared blockchain network, powered by Infosys Finacle. Finacle Payments Connect, our blockchain based real time payments and remittances solution is already in production with several clients.

Meet us at the R3 CordaCon event from 12-13 September at etc.venues . We would happy to share more details about our solutions and our partnership with banks across the world on accelerating their blockchain journey.

Join Pramod Krishna Kamath, Head of Blockchain Technology at Infosys Finacle along with members of the Infosys Finacle team at Booth # DZ01 throughout 12-13 September

To meet with Infosys Finacle or have a demo of any of our banking solutions, please contact us