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Co-create with us to apply blockchain technology

EdgeVerve Blockchain Framework for Financial Services

Key features

“Finacle Payments Connect is completely agnostic to the underlying distributed ledger technology and is available on all major blockchain based platforms in the industry.”

Real time transfers

Instant, on demand transfers and settlement in real time

Improved transparency and traceability

Ability to track granular status of transactions and visibility of Nostro/Vostro balance in real-time

Improved transactions visibility

Single operational dashboard to track macro as well as micro level flow of transactions

Low reconciliation time

Significantly lower reconciliation time due to improved transparency

Messaging capabilities

Comprehensive pre and post transaction messaging capabilities

Rich transaction pipes

Rich transaction pipe allowing transfer of documents in addition to messages

Multiple remittance models supported

Pre-funding based, Nostro based and tokenized value transfer based

High automation and STP

Digitization, automation and straight through processing (STP) across the inter-organization payments process ensures high efficiency.

Low operational costs

Zero cost per transaction; indirect costs incurred due to reconciliation and tracking processes is minimised. Plus simplification of system and protocol landscape leads to lower maintenance costs.

Compare existing payments process with Finacle Payments Connect

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Customer Story

Emirates NBD and ICICI Bank, two leading banks from the UAE and India, worked with Infosys Finacle to pilot a blockchain network on the UAE-India payments corridor, one of the busiest corridors in the world for international remittances. The pilot project was completed in 8 weeks and today both banks have today moved to production stage.

  • Improved transparency

  • Reduced fraud

  • Increased digitization of documents

  • Strengthened security

Join the pilot network

Infosys Finacle has launched a pilot blockchain based network for banks with the goal of evaluating the Finacle Payments Connect solution. More than 17 banks globally have already chosen this network to transform their international payments business. We invite you to collaborate in the pilot and lay the foundations of the next generation global remittances ecosystem. Infosys Finacle will support the technology platform and maintain the test network. Get in touch with us at to know more.

Join the test network and conduct a 6-8 week pilot to evaluate Finacle Payments Connect
Banks can either pilot the use cases with other banks in our test network or pilot it on their own, taking up multiple nodes in the network
Apply the learning from the pilot and go to production at your own time

Client Stories

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