Key features

Nia Perfect Order Measurement enables order fulfillment teams and sales teams to derive insights into the order fulfillment operations and achieve a higher degree of perfect orders across different channels

Enhanced Data Management
Proven data platform for data acquisition, cleansing, enriching and harmonizing data across the supply chain network
Perfect Order Visibility
Multi-dimensional analysis of order fulfilment for enhanced perfect order visibility and proactive order management.
Order Risk Profiling
Predictive profiling of orders against delivery risks analyzed across different dimension such as customer, location, product categories etc.
Event Tracking & Alerting
Rule-based detection and scheduled alerting for managing order risks in a timely and proactive manner.
Fulfilment Calendars
Summarized view of total open orders, shipments and invoices numbers for each day of the calendar month

Key benefits

Make sense of the complex supply chain data using AI/ML to achieve higher degree of perfect orders

  • Enhanced compliance

  • Optimized cost to serve

  • Improved service levels

  • Healthy supply chain network

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