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Key features

By leveraging Infosys Nia™ the purposeful AI and automation platform, the application promptly ingests and transforms credit card alerts and transactions data, builds models, predicts fraudulent transactions thereby enabling automation-led decision-making in credit-card fraud detection. It implements adaptive self-learning to automatically learn from historical and ongoing transactions, data patterns and investigator’s feedback. It then automatically updates the models in near real-time in sharp contrast to conventional rule-based systems. The following are the features of the Nia Fraud Detection for Credit Cards application.

Fraud Alert Prioritization
  • Accurately prioritizes fraud alerts and detects fraud, using prebuilt extensible data models.
  • Can integrate with case management systems for triaging, investigation and closure of alerts
  • Learns and retrains from past and ongoing data patterns.
  • Incorporates investigator’s...

Key benefits

Nia Fraud Detection for Credit Cards helps you improve the accuracy of fraud detection and effectiveness of detecting emerging fraud patterns.

  • Reduction in false positives and investigation costs

  • Reduction in fraud losses and high investigator productivity

  • Better cardholder experience and reduced churn

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