Customer Experiences - Future of Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions around the world are trying to reinvent themselves by acquiring and retaining a loyal customer base through delivering superior customer experiences. AI adoption is the key to transforming customer experiences at scale in a digital economy. AI helps gain deeper customer insights, provide hyper-personalization, and predict and prevent customer churn.

With the FinXEdge suite, financial institutions will be able to leverage AI to boost their revenues by acquiring valuable customers, offering them rightly matched loans and cross-selling better. It also presents an opportunity to reduce losses by managing default and fraud more efficiently. FinXEdge suite enables a 360o view of the customer that allows for hyper-personalization.

This helps financial organisations to:

Understand the market drift and acquire more business

Convert and retain high-quality accounts by creating smart retention strategies

Create differentiated treatment plans based on risk scores of accounts

FinXEdge goes beyond in-house data, it uses advanced analytics to churn out customer insights, bringing together both structured and unstructured data. This, coupled with Explainable AI, helps business leaders in building contextual, prescriptive and personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint, making the enterprise a truly cognitive, connected financial institution.

Boost Revenue

Lend and Channel Management

Lend ...

Reduce Losses

Loan Collections

Loan Collect...
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FinXEdge Lend

What if financial institutions were able to engage effectively, without losing time in chasing wrong customers and offering products that do not resonate?

What if lenders were able to prevent attrition, indiscernible fallouts/ rejections, long fulfillment cycles and convert high quality customers?

FinXEdge Lend is a data-driven intelligence platform powered by advanced Machine Learning. It is designed to help lending organizations convert leads to customers. It helps improve sales and operational efficiencies and enhances customer experiences.

FinXEdge Collect

FinXEdge Collect (formerly CollectEdge) is a data-driven intelligence application powered by advanced Machine Learning that helps lenders and debt collectors reduce delinquency rates and charge-offs, improve operational efficiencies and enhance customer experience

  • Reduce delinquency rates and charge-offs

  • Enhance customer experience

  • Improve process efficiencies, productivity and compliance

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