AI Enabled Business Applications

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Demand & Fulfilment

Manufacturers looking for growth are increasingly faced with the challenge of getting accurate demand visibility. Compounded by an explosion of new products introduced in the markets (own as well a

Financial Services & Insurance

Artificial Intelligence is redefining The Financial services & Insurance landscape. More and more enterprises are on the path to transform their processes to adopt AI and Machine learning to a

Financial Services & Insurance 710x473
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Sourcing & Procurement

Today procurement teams play a more strategic and proactive role to optimize end to end Source to invoice processes. Procurement Organizations have identified end-to-end digitization as key to meet

AI Enabled Business Applications

Nia Provenance


Provenance is an asset & industry agnostic, blockchain based application that lets businesses establish traceability of the product, transparency of the processes and trust-worthiness of the infor

Nia Promotion Effectiveness

Promotion Effectiveness

Promotion Effectiveness enables enterprises to measure and fully understand the effectiveness of trade promotions. It makes sense of complex and disparate point-of-sale data, to deliver a more accurat

Nia Procurement Insights

Nia Procurement Insights

EdgeVerve’s Nia Procurement Insights is an AI Spend Analytics suite that delivers business relevant insights by automating data management activities, auto-classifying spends into relevant categorie

Nia Procurement Assistant

Nia Procurement Assistant

Nia Procurement Assistant is a comprehensive AI based conversational assistant available as Chat, Web, voice interface that eases the process of procurement to ensure process compliance and increases

Nia Perfect Order Measurement_

Perfect Order Measurement

Perfect Order Measurement equips the enterprises and their partners with advanced analytical tools to get insights into the order fulfilment processes with a view of perfect order indices and its infl

Nia Loan Loss Mitigation


Lending and debt collection is fraught with mounting delinquencies, defaults and operational inefficiencies. What if lenders can predict which of their customers are likely to go delinquent and enable

Nia Guided Buying

Nia Guided Buying

Nia Guided Buying enables intelligent routing of product & service requests to appropriate buying channels and preferred suppliers while ensuring compliance to organization policies and generates

Nia Data Harmonization_

Data Harmonization

Despite wide availability of data across multiple sources, enterprises struggle to leverage it as it is not readily usable. Data Harmonization addresses this challenge by contextualizing external busi



EdgeVerve’s Business Applications built on AI platform Infosys Nia™, enable your enterprise to manage specific business areas and make the move from a deterministic to cognitive approach.

It’s the foundation for every enterprise to build its digital future on.

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