Automation and The Global Manufacturing Industry

Increasing labor costs, paucity of skilled workforce, and intense global competition are some of the challenges that the manufacturing industry faces. Thanks to AI, automation, and advanced analytics, manufacturers can respond to market-based threats and opportunities as quickly as possible, improve operational efficiency, energize production processes, and reduce costs.

AssistEdge is an enterprise-grade automation platform with a solid foundation in scalability, security, intelligence, and innovation. AssistEdge works with leading manufacturers across the globe to deliver transformational impact across diverse operations and business lines.

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The Manufacturing Value Chain

Manufacturing Value Chain

Potential Automation Use Cases in Manufacturing

How Leading Manufacturers are Benefitting from AssistEdge


40% ↓ in Vendor Queries

100% straight through automation for vendor management & accounting processes, leading to a big drop in vendor queries for a global manufacturer.


98% First Touch Resolution

Enabled a global networking manufacturer to deliver 98% first touch resolution on order management, through a 360-degree customer view.


71% ↓ in Customer AHT

Reduced AHT on customer tickets & enhanced customer experience by automating ticket management process for a engineering service major.


80% ↑ in Efficiency

Helped a multinational European manufacturer save € 93Kin cost savings, by improving efficiency of key accounting processes.


$35mn in Annual Savings

Automated complex finance and accounting processes for a leading healthcare manufacturer and delivered significant annual savings.


30% ↓ in Response Time

With end-to-end automation of the order management process, enabled a global manufacturer to reduce customer response time.

How AssistEdge Helped A Global Equipment Manufacturer Transform Its Order Management Process

The client had a complicated order management process with several processes like order/service booking, order modification, field service management, and supply chain management that had to be done manually. This led to delays and poor customer experience.


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AssistEdge Optimized Global F&A Processes for a Large Healthcare Manufacturer 

Our client is a leading European healthcare technology leader with a presence in nearly 100 countries, delivering cutting-edge solutions to consumers and businesses.

They wanted to reduce costs and optimize F&A operations on a global scale across geographies. Processes required extensive manual intervention, which impacted the accuracy of its results. Moreover, these processes were fragmented across a complex IT landscape.

Our client saw automation as one of the critical levers to scale their digital transformation program. With AssistEdge, our client was able to automate 100+ processes across its operations.

Benefits Delivered

Bots currently live
Currently automating F&A processes across the globe

Use cases automated
Automated across a complex IT landscape & fragmented systems

Processes automated
Complex processes like RTR, PTP, FP&A and OTC automated

Catering to 400+ internal business entities across the globe

Savings delivered
Across the automaton project till date

FTEs reassigned
To high importance activities.

SAP Instances
Processes have been automated across 10+ SAP Instances

Hours saved
Over a period of 2 years by improving overall TAT

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