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A US-based logistics provider implemented AssistEdge RPA to create vendor profiles for claims processing

Read how a US-based logistics company ensured business continuity and navigated operational challenges in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic

Our client is a US-based transportation and logistics company, operating in over 30 countries across the world.


Claims processing involves tedious, repetitive tasks, and creating vendor profiles is a huge challenge. Legacy applications, data from disparate sources, and unstructured data lead to complexity, inefficiencies, and dependency on manual input from staff.

The client chose AssistEdge RPA bots to create vendor profiles for claims processing. The AssistEdge RPA bots were configured to search for new requests and create vendor profiles using business rules, thereby eliminating manual effort and saving time.

As the client saw significant results with the use case, they applied the steps to manage the impact of COVID-19 crisis and navigate the operational challenges. With remote working the new normal and shortage of staff with skills, AssistEdge RPA helped the client respond to the crisis by keeping the lights on.


AssistEdge RPA bots were deployed to create vendor profiles for claims processing. The bots were configured to scan ‘Claims Inbox’ for new requests and create vendor profiles applying business-specific rules.

  • The Accounts Payable vendor setup bot scanned the claims inbox for new requests

  • Logged onto Oracle application and performed vendor search

  • Identified if a vendor profile already existed or if a new one was needed

  • The bot then created the new vendor profile, if needed, using the business rules to populate Address book, Payment Method, and Pay Group information

  • Notified users if the vendor already existed or of the new vendor profiles that were created


AssistEdge RPA bots helped the client:

Automatically create vendor profiles in Oracle system for Last Mile

Reduce manual work related to vendor profile setup

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