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Introducing AssistEdge RPA 17.6

January 11, 2019 - Praveen


EdgeVerve has launched AssistEdge RPA 17.6, an advanced version of popular enterprise automation platform. This version introduces the first wave of cognitive automation capabilities along with multi-modal configuration, which allows users to configure an application for automation using different modes applicable to that application, such as Windows, Web, etc. The multi-modal feature significantly reduces the effort to configure a process and enables users to experience 35-40% improvements in time spent towards creating automation.

AssistEdge RPA 17.6 also enables enterprises to adopt cognitive automation through seamless integration with XtractEdge, Google and Microsoft’s cognitive APIs. Enhancements to the AssistEdge Automation Studio reduces design time, improves process accuracy, enables semantic and sentiment analysis.

This version of AssistEdge uses Portable Document Format (PDF) controls as well as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to deliver improvements in data quality and greater accuracy compared to other image based extraction tools, with client focus groups reporting 15-20% improvements in the quality of extracted data. The existing Control Tower dashboard features have been enhanced for better transparency and bot management.


Further information on AssistEdge RPA 17.6 can be found here.

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