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AssistEdge RPA 18.0: Empowering Implementation of Automation Blueprint for Tomorrow’s Enterprise

September 3, 2019 - Mukundan Chandra Santhanakrishnan Specialist – User Experience, EdgeVerve

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“Tomorrow’s Enterprise needs a boost in employee productivity while reducing operating costs”

Automate your business processes with AssistEdge RPA 18.0

The biggest worry for a typical Fortune 500 enterprise is around its burgeoning processes and application ecosystem. While the dawn of 2020 led to a splurge of applications for every need, enterprises are gradually trying to reduce their IT footprint by way of keeping a lean yet niche application ecosystem which in turn is expected to streamline their business processes too.

The key to a lean IT footprint (and of course, streamlined processes) is to kick things off by identifying processes/tasks that don’t need human intelligence but are still required in the value stream for its hygiene factor. These tasks are then piled up for automation. This ensures the employees dedicated to such workstream(s) are re-purposed for other high-value work yielding better ROI.

AssistEdge RPA 18.0, through its cutting-edge algorithms and cognitive behavioural patterns, can help enterprises magically identify tasks with potential for automation and can stitch together connected tasks (via guided human intervention) to form processes that can be queued up for automation cycles. A purely metric-driven platform, AssistEdge helps automate redundant tasks across the enterprise and continually monitors the automation run cycle for increased productivity and optimized efficiency.

The three core tenets of an enterprise

Employees, Business Processes and Applications are the three core tenets of an enterprise.

The operating cost of an enterprise looms large primarily due to its expanding digital application ecosystem and redundant processes.

Enterprises need to start filtering processes and tasks that do not add value (versus) tasks that provide incredible value. Employees should be re-purposed towards processes and tasks that can boost the ROI rather than spending time on hygiene factors.


Five relevant questions enterprises should start asking themselves:

Enterprises should try to dig deeper into business unit specific processes and its relative application touchpoints. The purpose is to measure the relative importance of each process, application (and its corresponding tasks) touchpoints to attain the goal of the Business Unit.

For instance, an HR Business Unit might have a suite of COTS product(s), home-grown applications for handling onboarding processes. However, there might be scenarios where its sub-contracted to external agencies to gather all the essential information and conduct background checks.

In cases like this, the overall usage aspect for the process must be done along with the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The unused assets would call for optimization either via automation or through retirement until further need.

The effort in such a case would span across multiple initiatives including — automation, process streamlining, application ecosystem rationalization, while also having a purview at aspects like governance, compliance, auditing, etc.

AssistEdge RPA 18.0: Stitching and Executing an Automation Blueprint

As automation is a journey to bellwether the fruits of cost savings and productivity maximization, AssistEdge helps to empower enterprises with an automation ecosystem to kick-start the journey with a discovery of automation potential for an enterprise; arrive at an automation blueprint; identify processes and tasks with a higher potential for automation — value and efforts (and compare various ways of actual task execution in current state); stitch the missing parts of a process/task (if any) and make it holistic; run automation cycles; manage/optimize and monitor automation across other RPA products too; achieve an integrated aspect of support ecosystem, whereby agents can focus more on maximizing Customer Satisfaction Index than on the customer’s query and indirectly resulting in a reduced AHT.

AssistEdge helps to connect the D-O-T-S where efforts are in vain to maintain everyday hygiene work routine by automating those workflows and thereby re-purposing the skilled workforce for other valuable workstreams.


Here’s a list of values packed in AssistEdge RPA 18.0 platform:

And the walnut is about to be cracked: In future, AssistEdge would go beyond and help enterprises to stitch a full-fledged TO-BE SOPs (based on AS-IS findings), create Business Requirement Documents, Software Rationalization, Compliance and so on.

The Benefits:

Interested in learning more about AssistEdge RPA 18.0? Write or talk to us now.

Mukundan Chandra Santhanakrishnan

Specialist – User Experience, EdgeVerve

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