AssistEdge RPA

The best in Intelligent Automation just got better

AssistEdge RPA

The best in Intelligent Automation just got better

EdgeVerve is excited to announce AssistEdge RPA 18.0. The latest AssistEdge version brings a host of enterprise-grade features built on strong innovation — 18+ Patent Assets around Bot orchestration, performance prediction & AI, enabling enterprises to push the Automation Frontier to 95%, and empowering enterprises to embark towards the Automation Singularity journey.


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The journey of Automation Singularity

Automation Singularity refers to a customer-centric workforce of the future that opens up a new horizon of endless possibilities. It has the potential to bring humans and the evolved digital worker closer than ever.

The evolution of the future worker can be broadly classified into three phases, all built on the RPA infrastructure.

Watch the video to learn how AssistEdge RPA is enabling enterprises to be hyper-productive, agile, and future-ready!

Learn how AssistEdge RPA is enabling organizations to achieve agility, consistency and scalability, through a human-digital workforce.

Traversing the Automation Singularity journey

Explore the key features of AssistEdge RPA

AssistEdge RPA enables enterprises to realize the full potential of automation by offering Scalability, Security, Intelligence, and Innovation.

Increased Automation Footprint

  • Automate applications in Citrix, VDI environments

  • Out-of-the-box multi-lingual support, including Japanese, Spanish & French

  • Automate in your language of choice

Contextual Intelligence

  • Albie, the cognitive engine observes, learns and helps solve business problems

  • It empowers human workers with contextual insights, to identify process redesigning opportunities

Intelligent Business Dashboards

  • Business requirements specific dashboards defined by business owners

  • Helps capture business-relevant data around historic information, forecasts & business impacts


Smart Resource Management

  • Predictive alerts around Bot performance and SLA failures

  • Dynamically scale Bots as per business needs

Computer Vision & Advanced OCR

  • Enables data extraction from scanned, handwritten digital documents

  • Multiple cognitive services available on tap

Enterprise-grade Security

  • AssistEdge RPA is GDPR ready

  • Integrated with CyberArk secure Credential Vault

  • OpenID and SAML compliant

EdgeVerve’s AssistEdge is ranked amongst the top RPA software products in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software 2019.

Introducing Albie — The Cognitive Engine

Delivering pervasive intelligence across the enterprise.

Contextual Insights for Albie Workbench

To identify process redesign opportunities

Enables Cognitive Services

Leverages cognitive services on tap

Observes, Learns & Solves problems

Learns from Albie Workbench
to resolve & reduce errors

Enables Bot Management

Predicts failures, SLA breach
& dynamically scales bots

Offers Intelligent Dashboards

Enables creation of business KPI reports

Pre & Post Processing for Cognitive Services

Helps enrich cognitive services outcome

How AssistEdge’s cognitive engine, Albie helped a global retail giant reduce the invoice processing cost by 80%

Results achieved:

invoices processed without human intervention

reduction in time spent on processing an invoice

process automation achieved


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