Spot Bidding is a Challenging Process

For freight brokerage companies, spot bidding is highly dynamic and challenging. They rely on manual processes that leave room for errors. AssistEdge Spot Bid, our automated spot bidding solution, is tailored to help freight brokers improve speed, accuracy and accelerate growth.

Time-consuming bid process and manual effort involved in scanning multiple shipping portals across channels

Less than 10% response rate and inability to bid on all qualified loads

Suboptimal revenues and profit margins resulting from challenges in bidding manually

Whether your enterprise is looking to optimize bids on qualified spot tenders or improve profit margins, AssistEdge Spot Bid has got you covered.

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AssistEdge Spot Bid

AssistEdge Spot Bid provides complete visibility into available loads on multiple shipping portals and ensures you never miss the opportunity to place a bid on an available load.


Unified View: Provides complete visibility into all qualified spot loads across bid channels, without the need to switch across channels and systems

Predefined Business Rules: Loads from all sources in one screen, recommends loads to bid, enables freight brokers to bid faster and with higher accuracy

Bid History, Historical Data & Market Data: Displays historical bid price and market rate to determine the right price for each load

Comprehensive Reporting Tool & Interactive Dashboard: Provides relevant metrics to track and improve bid performance

How AssistEdge Spot Bid Works

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Business Benefits Delivered by AssistEdge Spot Bid


Response rate for all qualified load bids

Response rate for all qualified load bids


Increase in the number of bids placed

Increase in the number of bids placed


Improvement in gross margin

Improvement in gross margin

How can freight brokers maximize the potential of spot bidding?

 Download the whitepaper  to learn how Robotic Process Automation can make spot bidding a lucrative low-hanging fruit for freight brokers.

AssistEdge Spot Bid helps a US logistics company place 50% more bids and save 500 person-hours per month

Our client, a large US logistics company with over 100,000 employees and operations worldwide, was looking to obtain the best price and improve margins for non-surface transportation.

Challenge :

The manual, time-consuming spot bidding process was prone to errors which reduced efficacy and speed. The client was unable to bid on all available loads, which directly impacted pricing, conversion rates, and margins.

Solution :

AssistEdge Spot Bid automated the complete bidding process. Bots performed all the steps from scanning customer load boards for desirable loads using a pricing engine to determine the price and submitting the bids. Our AI-based pricing engine determined the right bid price, and predictive analytics helped envisage peak hour spikes in loads by analyzing patterns. Bots fed the won bids details into the underlying system and generated a comprehensive report, providing details like bidding and conversion rate. These reports and a unified dashboard helped identify problems and take corrective action well in time.

Benefits :

AssistEdge Spot Bid eliminated manual effort and delivered significant productivity gains.

Our client:

Saved over 500 person-hours per month

Increased the number of bids placed in a day by 50%

Added $200,000 per year on EBITDA

Increased M-o-M – savings, revenue, and gross margin by 10%

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