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Leveraging the Power of Automation Across Industries

Automation is undoubtedly changing the rules of the game across industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, telecom, banking, utilities, government, and education, among others. From improving operational efficiency to boosting customer experience, RPA offers businesses a plethora of benefits that are hard to miss.

With our enterprise-grade automation platform, AssistEdge, we aim to help enterprises scale and navigate their RPA journey as seamlessly as possible.Explore the industries below to see how AssistEdge can help accelerate your automation journey.

Case Studies


AssistEdge Bots automates monthly-billing worth over $821M for Infosys Global Delivery Units

Download the case study to learn how AssistEdge helped Infosys Global Delivery Units automate monthly-billing worth over $821M with zero d...


With AssistEdge, a leading distributor of aircraft parts and consumables, upgraded 32 bots across 39 processes with zero downtime

Our client, one of the world’s leading providers of aircraft parts and consumables, was looking to ...


How a leading telecom company transformed its contact center operations by upgrading to the latest version of AssistEdge on-premise, across 150+ applications

Our client is a leading digital network in the UK. With their massive con...