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Leveraging the Power of Automation Across Industries

Automation is undoubtedly changing the rules of the game across industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, telecom, banking, utilities, government, and education, among others. From improving operational efficiency to boosting customer experience, RPA offers businesses a plethora of benefits that are hard to miss.

With our enterprise-grade automation platform, AssistEdge, we aim to help enterprises scale and navigate their RPA journey as seamlessly as possible.Explore the industries below to see how AssistEdge can help accelerate your automation journey.

Case Studies

Stronger together-casestudy

AssistEdge RPA enabled efficient claims processing for a global logistics provider during the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 pandemic, most customers are looking for a fast turnaround on insurance claims. Since most of the client’s staff are working remotely, there is a significant increase in processing backlogs


AssistEdge RPA enabled a global logistics provider to continue their invoice collections process seamlessly while also introducing greater efficiency during the COVID-19 crisis

The process includes the client’s customers posting invoices on their internal/third-party vendor portals. The status of invoices, whether collectable or in dispute, is verified manually by the clie

Stronger together-casestudy

AssistEdge RPA automated billing process for a global logistics provider during COVID-19 crisis

The sales and carrier representatives sometimes take a long time after delivery to move orders into ‘Ready to Bill’ (RTB) and ‘Ready to Pay’ (RTP) status, respectively. This is necessary to so