Identification and extraction of relevant information from documents by leveraging AI to enable analysis of those documents.

Nia Vision is a GUI based workflow to easily annotate data, train the machine for object localization, detection and recognition from static and animated images and varied documents. It also supports continuous learning through a robust validation and feedback loop.

Ever-increasing global trade and outsourcing agreements are having a major impact on organizations and business practices worldwide. Enterprises particularly in sectors such as BFSI and Healthcare and business functions such as Procurement and Legal deal with very large volumes of information which is stored in documents and images. Businesses find it difficult to manually analyze or review such unstructured, semi-structured and structured information. Computer Vision is now finding a lot of adoption in such scenarios and helps end business users to take critical and time sensitive decisions.


Nia Vision is part of the Nia AI Platform and offers a set of APIs for the analysis of images and documents by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the best-of-breed computer vision technologies. Nia Vision integrates seamlessly with Nia AI platform and leverages a deep learning framework that enables the visual identification of document imagery based on state-of-the art object detectors. This is less costly, more accurate, and more reliable than traditional technical approaches such as OCR and template-based information extraction.

  • Seamless integration with Nia Doc AI platform
  • Pre-trained models for document structural analysis enhancing OCR accuracy
  • In-built Turk for crowdsourced validation
  • Accuracy improves with time due to continuous learning

Typical Industry Challenges

  • Large enterprises deal with huge volumes of information like contracts and agreements stored in various formats
  • Manual extraction of relevant information and review of images and documents can be costly, time-taking and inaccurate

How Nia Vision Can Help

  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Low latency
  • Processes any document format like pdf, bmp, jpg, png and tiff
  • Robust and scalable system