Simplify creation of Machine Learning Models

Machine learning workbench and toolkit for experts and citizen data scientists to simplify creation of AI Models. Nia Machine Learning workbench increases data scientists’ productivity by orders of magnitude by applying automation to the data science workflow. It offers a broad range of machine learning algorithms with industry-leading speed and scale. Moreover, data analysts, developers, and even business users with limited knowledge of data science can also build high-performing ML models as a result of its easy-to-use ML workbench. Combine this with our strong capabilities in offering next-generation services; it has enabled our clients to significantly cut down turnaround time from data to insights leading to improved decision making.

  • Reduced turnaround time from data to business insights
  • Improved data science workforce productivity and skill
  • Improved reusability in the data science process

Typical Industry Challenges

  • Digital transformation trends have resulted in a data explosion across industries.
  • Building and deploying scalable ML models requires expert data scientists who are very scarce and expensive.
  • Most often, these data scientists spend the majority of their time on repetitive tasks.

How Nia Advanced Machine Learning Workbench Can Help

  • Speed and scale of predictive accuracy with auditability and reproducibility
  • Integrated enterprise framework for data preparation, modeling, deployment and reports
  • Fast predictions using Infosys Nia Prediction Server
  • ML algorithms, Suite of HPC Implementations in C++ for key ML methods.