Transforming your business into a data-driven enterprise

Choosing a modular, flexible and scalable data integration tool is a critical success factor in achieving tangible outcomes from advanced data analytics within a short window of opportunity. Businesses often struggle to derive insights from data lakes that are poorly governed and managed. Infosys Nia Data leverages the best-of-breed open source technologies and offers a suite of seamlessly integrated offerings for gathering, searching and surfacing knowledge from diverse data sources.


Making sense of the data swamp for business transformation

A leading chocolate and confectionary manufacturer in US wanted to implement a data lake to lay the foundation for driving big data analytics and data driven decision making.

Nia Data was implemented as the data lake solution and data ingestion processes were established. Ingested data was validated, transformed and harmonized through IIP models. This harmonized data was made available for analytics. Data exploration and reporting was performed on the harmonized data to provide business insights.

The client was able to validate business hypothesis quickly within weeks to run multiple parallel experiments. Business users were able to perform analytics and derive business insights that could be used for driving business actions.

Key Features


Flexible Data Integration Flows

Supports multiple data sources, complex data transformation processes and integrated environment


Iterative Development

Supports an intuitive drag-&-drop web interface for iterative development of data integration flows; enabling incremental steps with ability to evaluate transformation output at each step before


Complex Workflows

Supports looping, branching and conditional constructs. Extensibility to write own Java, Scala snippets to build complex pipelines


Enhanced Cloud Adoption

Enhanced support for cloud data Sources / storage such as Azure ADLS, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Azure SQL or streaming data over AWS Kinesis. Full support for compute workloads on native cloud distributi


Scalability and High Performance

Build on top of the open-source Hadoop framework and leverage innovations in the latest Spark engine for data ingestion, transformation and stream processing. Elastic capabilities to scale with custom


Integrated Job Management

Invoke pipelines with on-demand and trigger-based scheduling. Visually monitor pipeline activity with logging and pipeline history and track errors

Measurable Business Benefits

  • Enhanced decision-making

  • Improved business process agility

  • Reduced time-to-market

  • Fast tracking innovation

  • Improve business process outcomes

  • Improve compliance and risk management

Case Studies


Nia Data implements data lake and advanced analytics for a leading Telecom provider

A leading telecom provider in the APAC region, wanted to implement a data management and analytics platform. The enterprise wanted intelligent business processes, providing high impact business outcom


Nia Data implemented by a global confectionery leader as the data lake foundation driving big data analytics

A leading chocolate and confectionary manufacturer in US wanted to implement a data lake to lay the foundation for driving big data analytics and data driven decision making.

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Procurement Contracts for Spend Classification

One of the largest multi-national conglomerate company headquartered in Japan. Value chain integration division spends months of time and effort dealing with tons of vendor contracts(buyer suppliers)