End-to-End Data management support for AI/ML pipeline

In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies are seeking to gain an edge by adopting AI in their business processes. Data sits at the heart of such initiatives and is critical to the success of all AI initiatives. The biggest challenge that enterprises face in their AI adoption journey is the inability to handle large scale data efficiently. Integrating data from various sources, building a dataset and profiling it is a critical part of AI pipeline and takes the maximum time in AI/ML lifecycle.

Nia Data provides highly effective tools and frameworks for complete Data Life Cycle Management overcoming the constraints of accommodating data of different schema or storage types. Nia Data increases data scientists’ productivity by orders of magnitude by providing end-to-end support for complex data workflows including data extraction, transformation and loading and blending with data from other sources to power further ML experimentation on the Nia AML workbench.

  • Seamless integration with Nia AML workbench
  • Effective data management with controls over accessing the data for ML consumption
  • End – to – End data management support including profiling, cataloging and query

Typical Industry Challenges

  • Ineffective data life cycle management
  • Constraints to accommodate data with variety of schema or storage types
  • Hard to query, integrate and build data models​ – huge effort on creating data pipeline

How Nia Data Management Can Help

  • End – to – End data management support including profiling, cataloging and queries for ML consumption
  • Lite versions enabling lite infra footprint
  • Discover data and catalogue them for faster analytics consumption