The intelligent 360o contract extraction and review solution

Enterprises typically enter into legal contracts when doing business with third parties, such as vendors, partners, and employees. Over the past decade, the scope and complexity of these contracts have increased with outsourcing, business partnerships, international acquisitions, and investments, not to mention an evolving workforce. Examples of contracts are Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Statements of Work (SoWs) and labour contracts, which provide guidelines for the aforementioned interactions and form the basis for such engagements. Current approaches of analyzing and reviewing contracts are highly inefficient and inhibit enterprises ability to respond quickly to business environment changes.

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Understanding contracts with Nia Contracts Analysis

Nia Contracts Analysis leverages ML, Semantic Modelling, and Deep Learning to transform the process of analyzing and reviewing contracts. The application creates a representation of each word and then captures the relationships between them, their context, and ultimately knowledge.

Key Features

Nia Contracts Analysis has several best-in-class features, which solve key challenges enterprises are facing. Some of these are:

Accurately extracts Icon

Accurately extracts contractual provisions (Intents) and their underlying elements (Entities)

Extractive summary Icon

Extractive, editable summary visually highlights key entities within the intents

end-users Icon

Enables end-users to query contracts-information in Natural Language

high-prediction accuracy Icon

Provides for straight-through-processing for high-prediction accuracy

Automatically learns Icon

Automatically learns from reviewer-corrections, whereby new ML models get auto-deployed

Auto-detects Icon

Auto-detects discrepancies in contracts and their linked documents.

multi-level risks Icon

Allows configuring multi-level risks for clause comparison and red-lining of contracts

Tabular data Icon

Helps extract Tabular data accurately.

Case Studies

Procurement Contracts cs thumb

Procurement Contracts for Spend Classification

One of the largest multi-national conglomerate company headquartered in Japan. Value chain integration division spends months of time and effort dealing with tons of vendor contracts(buyer suppliers) throughout the...

Labor Contracts cs thumb

Labor Contracts for HR Contractual...

The Global Human Resources Helpdesk of one of Europe’s leading Pharmaceutical companies was facing challenges to respond to their globally distributed workforce (110,000 employees over 100 countries) with ease,...

Reading Contracts cs thumb

Reading Contracts for Revenue Compliance

A Leading Software Service Company with over 10.94 billion USD in revenues had a team of 70 Financial Accountants dedicated to reviewing Statement of Work (SoW) from clients. The...