The Nia Contracts Analysis Advantage

Nia Contracts Analysis utilizes advanced Machine Learning (ML) techniques to automate contracts extraction, risk analysis and review of unstructured contracts. It acts as a single source of truth to answer any kind of contracts-related information.

Nia Contracts Analysis leverages ML techniques such as vision-based, semantics-based, and language-sequence-based to transform the process of analyzing and reviewing contracts. It provides an intuitive workbench with different personas to configure and train ML models.

Mitigate operational risks

Prevent revenue leakage

Ensure contractual compliance

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Typical Industry Challenges

  • Complex hierarchy between the contracts, their sub-agreements and related documents which constantly change over time
  • Complexity in analyzing contracts due to multi-party agreements, global delivery models, pricing constructs etc.
  • Constant threat of revenue leakage as a result of mismanagement of contracts

How Nia Contracts Analysis Can Help

  • Risk reduction: Ease of reading and interpreting the documents can mitigate revenue leakage and ensure accurate and timely recognition.
  • Superior compliance: Ease of compliance verification accelerates updates due to the ability to link various document sources.
  • Increased versatility and visibility: This facilitates transversal to search and retrieve information.
  • Better harmonization: Ease of contracts or policy analysis in documents helps to support harmonization, simplification and negotiations.
  • Improved time management: Experts’ time saved in dealing with documents on an ongoing basis.
  • Minimal IT intervention: System is configured by business and SMEs with minimal intervention from IT.

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M&A – Due Diligence

Understand supplier, customer and regulatory obligations of your target company during due diligence. Synergies of clauses/templates during post-merger integration to reach ‘Business as Usual’ quickly.

Lease Abstraction

Locate specific, key information from a lengthy lease document and isolate it for users to monitor, review and update easily. Export abstracts to already existing CLMs or Lease Management Systems.

Third Party Contracts

Third party contracts are difficult to manage because they are written on third party templates. Extract and process of large volumes of third party contracts and identify and understand third party terms.

Regulatory Compliance

Take control of your contractual landscape by responding to a rapidly changing regulatory environment (GAAP, BREXIT, GDPR, IFRS).


Manage risk in Supplier Contracts and ever changing vendor ecosystem. Discover relevant terms and clauses buried in these contracts.


Prevent revenue leakage and never miss an opportunity to gain revenue through discounts and refunds from clauses buried in your contracts.


Ensure that important contracts get the appropriate legal review, while automatically clearing clauses that have standard language.


Understand assignability rights in the contracts and monitor ‘change of control’ Clause to determine whether contractual obligations lie with divested entity of parent company.

Contract Intelligence

Identify risks and deviations from standard positions during contract negotiation.

Case Studies


With Infosys Nia Contracts Analysis, a Fortune 500 conglomerate improved their contract management processes and achieved over 90% cost savings

The EdgeVerve team carried out automation of three distinct areas — risk scoring, contract summary, and review dashboard. With Nia Contracts Analysis, the client saw 9x improvement in employee produ