Leverage ML and Neural models to derive insights from disparate information systems

As the data deluge is starting to transform business and everyday life, there is a need to connect different information systems into a central gateway that makes it easier to find precise answers to user queries. Enterprises are increasingly leveraging AI and ML to identify trends, harness insights based on data, and make critical business decisions.


Nia Cognitive Search provides enterprises with the capability to retrieve precise answers from diverse enterprise data sources and formats through the effective use of ML and Neural Models. Nia Cognitive Search provides scalable data ingestion pipeline to handle volume, velocity and variety of data sources and a complete framework for search including user feedback, automatic tuning, and visualization. Nia Cognitive Search module is equipped with continuous learning and self optimization features that are governed by search metrics. It provides results at varying level of granularity depending on your use-case – from precise answers, to paragraphs and documents.

  • Increased user engagement
  • Content enrichment and classification against enterprise taxonomy
  • Seamless integration with existing applications like chatbots

Typical Industry Challenges

  • Much of the enterprise data is non-discoverable and gets duplicated and redundant
  • Enterprises struggle to find the correct information for user queries from a diverse collection of enterprise data sources and document formats

How Nia Cognitive Search Can Help

  • End users get access to data sources across company through an integrated platform
  • Make data discoverable irrespective of data sources and data format, curate Q&A, and control performance of search results
  • Improves business processes and customer experiences with precise answers and actionable insights