Improve the predictability of your IT operations with Nia AIOps

Nia AIOps uses Big Data and scalable AI Models to consume log files, events, and metrics to uncover anomalous patterns occurring in the IT landscape. Nia AIOps monitors metrics from disparate IT systems, identifies anomalies, correlates events, and takes preventive actions to avoid any disruption. It provides comprehensive capabilities that enable reactive, predictive, and preventive management of operational events.

Reduce incident lifecycle
Improve IT efficiency and experience
Reduce Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)


Typical Industry Challenges

  • Complex IT deployment landscape hampers the connection between task executions and business outcomes
  • Multiple monitoring tools, non-standard reporting make it difficult to diagnose the root cause of issues

Nia AIOps Can

  • Monitor business metrics rather than machine metrics
  • Detect IT issues proactively and predict the impact to future service delivery
  • Intelligently enrich issue tickets to reduce MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)

How Nia AIOps Can Help

  • Identify anomalies and predict incidents before they hamper business
  • Intelligent root cause analysis and AI-based resolution recommendation
  • A framework to build cognitive, self-healing automation
  • AI-based ticket enrichment for quicker resolution
  • Eliminate noise and false positives with intelligent diagnosis