Open a New World of Opportunities for Your Business

Infosys Nia Advanced Machine Learning increases data scientists’ productivity by orders of magnitude by applying automation to the data science workflow. It offers a broad range of machine learning algorithms with industry-leading speed and scale. Moreover, data analysts, developers, and even business users with limited knowledge of data science can also build high-performing ML models as a result of its easy-to-use ML workbench. Combine this with our strong capabilities in offering next-generation services; it has enabled our clients to significantly cut down turnaround time from data to insights leading to improved decision making. Targeted marketing, lower customer churn, reduced frauds in banking transactions or optimized asset efficiency —these are just a few of the ways Nia Advanced ML opens a new world of opportunities for businesses.

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Driving Core Digital Transformation With Faster Insights

Learn how Infosys Nia Advanced Machine Learning helps businesses realize value from the vast amount of data they have. In the video, we explain how businesses have trouble getting valuable information out of their data as big data science projects take a lot of time to start and provide value. Infosys Nia AML reduces the time and effort required to convert data into insights using ML algorithms that are optimized for speed and scale, and provides your data scientists a variety of tools to drive core digital transformation in your business.


Nia Advanced Machine Learning enables an exponential increase in the data scientists’ productivity by applying automation to the data science workflow. It also supports a broad range of ML algorithms offering industry-leading Speed, Scale, and Predictive Accuracy.


GUI-based features

To build accurate and high-performing ML models. ...


Integrated enterprise framework

For data preparation, modeling, deployment and reports. ...



For data preparation, visualizations and ML methods. ...


Scalable and fastest

ML algorithms, Suite of HPC Implementations in C++ for key ML methods. ...


Streaming Fast Predictions

Fast predictions using Infosys Nia Prediction Server. ...


Self-service provisioning

Enabled with elastic scaling for cloud deployments. ...

Infosys Advanced ML Delivers Business Benefits

Improved iconImproved repeatability in the data science process
Significant iconSignificantly reduced turnaround time from data to business insights
Data Science iconImproved data science workforce productivity and skill
Improved iconML driven optimized business processes with high ROI
Improved iconMaximum predictive performance with speed and scale
Improved iconImproved decision making leading to enhanced customer satisfaction
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Case Studies

Customer-Churn-in-Retail thumb

Customer Churn in Retail

An online retailer with over $100M in revenue and 19 million opt-in registrants had lots of customers disengaging after the initial sign-up. They could not identify a clear reason for this passive cus...