The End-to-end Enterprise AI

Infosys Nia™ is an enterprise grade AI platform which simplifies the AI adoption journey for Business & IT. Infosys Nia supports end-to-end enterprise AI journey from data management, digitization of document and images, model development to operationalizing models.


Typical Industry Challenges


Enterprises are not able to move from AI experimentation to production


Enterprises are struggling to derive insights from their documents


Enterprises are finding it difficult to manage their siloed data assets

Nia mitigates these challenges and assures fastest time-to-value for your AI implementation.


  • Simplify the AI journey to enable the enterprise’s digital transformation
  • Industrialize AI deployments to accelerate business outcomes
  • Digitize and harvest intelligence from documents and data across the polycloud

Simplify the
in your
AI journey

  • Nia integrates with existing AI infrastructure to protect your investments
  • Nia enhances your consumption of AI workloads through the end-to-end lifecycle
  • Nia empowers your citizen data scientists to build complex use-cases easily and accelerate the AI journey


Ease into, and through enterprise-wide AI

Nia’s advanced and easily-integrable capabilities address business needs across industries

Data Management

Nia Data provides highly effective tools and frameworks for complex data workflows to power further ML experimentation on the Nia AML workbench. ...

Machine Learning

Machine learning workbench and toolkit for experts and citizen data scientists to simplify creation and explainability of AI Models. ...

Deep Learning

Nia Deep Learning with unsupervised feature learning and deep learning capabilities can automatically learn feature representations from unlabeled data. ...

Model Operations

Nia Model Ops integrates seamlessly with key Nia components to deploy, orchestrate and monitor models in either in-house or cloud base deployments. ...


Nia Vision offers a set of APIs for the analysis of images and documents by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the best-of-breed computer vision technologies. ...


Nia NLP capabilities allows extraction of useful insights from raw text and lends itself to a variety of applications to enable further processing in applications and business logic. ...


Nia Knowledge capability helps enterprises to organize information into an ontology-based knowledge base so that additional knowledge can be inferred and queried. ...

Cognitive Search

Nia Cognitive Search provides enterprises with the capability to retrieve precise answers from diverse enterprise data sources and formats through the effective use of ML and Neural Mo...

Conversational AI

Nia Chatbot brings conversational artificial intelligence capabilities to existing and new enterprise applications. ...


Accelerate your time-to-market with our focused AI solutions


Nia DocAI

  • The Nia DocAI platform automates the end-to-end document processing lifecycle from ingestion to consumption, using AI capabilities such as InfoExtractor, Computer Vision, NLP and Cognitive Search.
  • It provides ease of use, scalability and out of the box integration features, that allow enterprises to get faster access to actionable data.

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Nia Contracts Analysis

  • Enterprise-grade AI offering that leverages advanced Machine Learning (ML) techniques such as vision, semantics, language sequence to help customers across industries to derive insights from their contracts and legal documents.
  • Enables business, procurement, and legal teams to read and interpret the contract documents, navigating the complex hierarchy between the contracts, their sub-agreements, and related documents with ease.

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