Typical Industry Challenges


Enterprises are not able to move from AI experimentation to production

Enterprises are struggling to derive insights from their documents

Enterprises are finding it difficult to manage their siloed data assets

Nia mitigates these challenges and assures fastest time-to-value for your AI implementation.


  • Simplify the AI journey to enable the enterprise’s digital transformation
  • Industrialize AI deployments to accelerate business outcomes
  • Digitize and harvest intelligence from documents and data across the polycloud

Simplify the
in your
AI journey

  • Nia integrates with existing AI infrastructure to protect your investments
  • Nia enhances your consumption of AI workloads through the end-to-end lifecycle
  • Nia empowers your citizen data scientists to build complex use-cases easily and accelerate the AI journey


Ease into, and through enterprise-wide AI

Nia’s advanced and easily-integrable capabilities address business needs across industries

Data Management

Data lifecycle management workbench allows the enterprise to extract, transform and enrich data from multiple data sources

AI Workbench

Machine learning workbench and deep learning toolkit for experts and citizen data scientists to simplify creation of AI Models

Model Operations

Capability to run AI models at scale in production environments to be consumed by business applications, decisions management systems etc


Capability to identify information from images or scanned documents using object detectors, OCR, handwriting recognition, signature tagging

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Capability to understand, interpret and analyze human language using deep learning methods


Toolkit for capturing, formalizing and organizing structured information into an ontology-based knowledge representation

Cognitive Search

Capability to get the right answers from enterprise data sources through the effective use of Neural and NLP models

Conversational AI

Toolkit for development of chatbots to deliver contextual and conversational experience across channels of preference


Accelerate your time-to-market with our focused AI solutions


Nia AIOps

  • Future-proof your IT operations by using Big Data, AI Models and Automation
  • Shift the paradigm of IT operations from reactive to proactive failure management

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Nia Document AI

  • Amplify digitization and harvest intelligence from documents, thereby transforming them into semantic representations to enable cognitive search
  • Automate analyzing and reviewing of legal contracts to identify predefined clauses and assess risk using Nia Contracts Analysis

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EdgeVerve Business Applications

  • Plug-n-Play purposeful AI applications that integrates seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure, to address highly specific business challenges and drive connected intelligence across the value chain
  • They focus on three core pillars of business; Demand & Fulfillment, Retail Banking, and Sourcing & Procurement

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News and Events

Latest News

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17 Oct 2019

Only 17 Percent of Banks have Deployed Digital at Scale – Finds Infosys Finacle and Efma ‘Innovation in Retail Banking’ Report

Infosys Finacle, part of EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys (NYSE: INFY) and Efma today unveiled the 2019 edition of the ‘Innovation in Retail Banking’ report.

23 Sep 2019

Infosys Finacle and R3 Conclude Global Trial of Blockchain Based Trade Finance

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05 Dec 2019

How & Why AIOps Will Impact Your Enterprise AI Strategy

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05 Nov 2019

Automation Singularity – Achieving enterprise agility and scalability through a human-digital workforce

The long-standing debate of the human workforce against the digital bot is now over. To remain competitive, organizations not only need to show improv

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24 Oct 2019

CordaCon 2019

Meet us at the R3 CordaCon event on 24 October at etc.venues. Join Pramod Krishna Kamath, Head of Blockchain Technology at Infosys Finacle who will be

Venue: etc venues, 133 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7AH