The need for digitization

According to analysts, 80% -90% of data within organizations is unstructured, and most of it is locked in documents.

Digitization helps enterprises move towards paperless processes enabling them to enhance process efficiencies, reduce operational costs and enable automation. Digitized data drives better compliance practices and increases transparency in the enterprise.

Key challenges enterprises face in document processing include:
  • Varied forms of complex documents

  • Incomplete data

  • Multiple sources of data

  • Lack of standardization

  • Inconsistent data

  • OCR issues

How can enterprises:

How XtractEdge enables enterprises to digitize documents

XtractEdge is a general-purpose Intelligent Document Processing platform that delivers specific solutions as per client requirements and provides a packaged solution tuned to customer needs.

It helps enterprises unlock business value by making data locked in from enterprise documents ready for integration, consumption, and analytics.

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End-to-end document processing with XtractEdge

End-to-end document processing with XtractEdge


End-to-end document extraction, processing, and comprehension leveraging advanced AI & ML techniques to structure complex enterprise data into insights for smarter business decision making.


Types of documents processed

Types of documents processed

Our offering

Platform and products


XtractEdge Platform

An end-to-end document extraction, processing, and comprehension platform that leverages advanced AI & ML techniques to structure complex enterprise data into insights for smar


XtractEdge Contract Analysis

XtractEdge Contract Analysis helps mitigate contractual risks, identify key clauses and terms, reduce the negotiation cycle by extracting insights from contracts and legal


XtractEdge Commercial Insurance

An AI-powered Document Digitization product for Commercial Insurance to rapidly generate information intelligence from New Business submissions that optimizes book of ri



Mortgage & Lending Solution

Digitize and enable validation of lending specific customer, government, bank, and data provider documents to turbocharge loan origination


KYC Solution

AI-enabled classification, digitization of documents required for KYC validation, and accelerated customer onboarding

Key elements of the platform

  • Ability to scale up, auto-discover, and process millions of documents through unsupervised learning

  • Enable clients to deal with document variety problems by managing layout variance with dynamic extraction and layout drift with auto-tuning

  • Validation of extracted data with predefined business rules and enrichment with data from 3rd party data sources (like D&B) to ensure a complete view for business decision-making

  • Innovations like OOB Transformer-based models, document summarization, enterprise-grade security (like support for key cloak), etc.

What are some of the capabilities that differentiate XtractEdge and enable digitization

Key differentiators

Right sized AI

Visual and Textual cue-based extraction with specialist algorithms for specific sections of documents

Verticalized and scalable

Enterprise architecture for the financial domain

Solving last mile problems

Enable enterprises to derive outcomes through packaged solutions

Value for the enterprise

Faster value realization

Improved productivity

Improved compliance

Topline growth

Insight-driven decisions

Improved accuracy

Mitigate business risk

Quick decision-making

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Success stories

Digitize and automate to extract superior value

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