How can Computer Vision help enterprises find insights in visually rich complex documents? How does Computer Vision work?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is invariably transforming business operations and making existing enterprise operation models more efficient. But the real value of AI lies in solving complex problems. Computer Vision, a field of Artificial Intelligence, is one of the most exciting technologies today. With the massive volume of data generated across industries and verticals today, processing and classifying data can be a challenge. Thanks to the rise in computing power and advancements in Machine Learning algorithms, Computer Vision can help businesses create insights from complex heterogeneous documents.

XtractEdge Platform, built on XtractEdge, uses object detectors, OCR, handwriting recognition, and signature tagging to help enterprises identify information from images and scanned documents.

Download the thought paper to understand how Computer Vision algorithms can mimic human vision systems and process a large amount of data from visually rich complex documents.

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