Is your team spending hours sifting through documents for crucial information? Are you looking for an innovative approach that can take contextual decision on the fly?

According to a recent report from Omdia, annual AI software revenue is expected to hit nearly $100 billion by 2025. NLP technologies specifically are expected to generate $9 billion per year by 2025, a large slice coming from document AI. Undoubtedly, there’s plenty of potential for Document AI.

Today, document understanding is much more than OCR or handwriting recognition and requires the capability to detect & recognize various structural elements in enterprise documents, from textual paragraphs and logos to checkboxes and signatures. With computer vision and NLP models combined, AI can make document extraction, processing, and comprehension easy.

EdgeVerve, a subsidiary of Infosys, is at the forefront of the Document AI revolution. XtractEdge Platform, a document extraction, processing, and comprehension platform, helps enterprises unlock business value from enterprise data by extracting intelligence from varied documents.

This eBook, created by EdgeVerve in collaboration with AI Business, aims to provide key points and takeaways on the role of AI in unlocking enterprise document intelligence. Download the eBook to find interesting use cases, report market projections, and expert interviews.

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