80-90% of this data is unstructured and often unavailable in an easily accessible format. Imagine having to scroll through a year’s worth of emails to see what conversations you had with your suppliers to decide what to do next! Given the complexity of the business landscape, it’s impossible to even think about making strategic decisions without data. Tapping into data in real-time to access insights required for decision-making can help enterprises save millions of dollars or hundreds of hours.

How can enterprises mine unstructured data for valuable insights? How can Document AI solutions help?

Businesses today are turning to AI-based document extraction solutions to digitize enterprise data. A purpose-built document extraction, processing, and comprehension platform such as XtractEdge Platform is required to successfully unlock business value from enterprise documents regardless of their complexity or domain specificity.

This whitepaper aims to articulate how Document AI can help companies overcome the challenges of volume, variety, veracity, and velocity in document extraction.

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