Is your data locked away in scanned documents? How can Data Digitization increase business efficiency?

In today’s age of digital transformation, data offers businesses an edge. The addition of intelligence to data management opens up new possibilities, enabling enterprises to find new ways to gather, unify, clean, and analyze data at speed.

It is no surprise that RPA helps automate digital data across processes. But how can enterprises make sense of the vast non-digital data in documents such as invoices, scanned paper forms, claims, and receipts?

Enter Data Digitization.

This whitepaper outlines the importance of intelligent information extraction that helps businesses deal with humungous scanned documents, which usually requires human agents to spend hours entering the information into an enterprise IT system. The emergence of deep learning techniques in computer vision and NLP, coupled with the power of the cloud has enabled a new breed of data digitization solutions.

Download the paper to learn why enterprises should care about data digitization in the first place. The paper also articulates how data digitization is different from OCR and the various use cases that help businesses transform their documents, accelerating existing processes and applications.

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