Unlocking the value from unstructured data and documents

Date: Mar 1, 2023
Time: 9 AM to 9 PM 
LOCATION: Embassy Club - Des Moines

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About the Event

The Edge Power Room Series will bring together thought leaders to discuss current challenges and how automation can help improve business outcomes, accelerate innovation and drive growth in endless ways, thus shaping the enterprise of the future.

As the digital revolution takes shape, enterprises which can derive intelligence, from all the data that lies within the plethora of documents, will be able to shape the future and thrive in disruption.

Are you geared up shape the future of your enterprise?

With the insurance market hardening, new risks rapidly emerging and customer expectations increasing all the time, the challenge for underwriters to quickly enhance efficiency and productivity is greater than ever. How can Commercial Insurers enable underwriters to stay ahead of the curve as the insurance landscape evolves at an unprecedented rate?

AI enabled Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is a game changer opening doors to a wealth of rich insights critical for faster and easier decision making without the need for time-intensive and manual extraction of information from documents.

Industry specific processes continue to dominate IDP adoption. Use cases in commercial Insurance, is showing significant traction.

Commercial insurance underwriters operate in an interesting landscape with complex risks that vary across industries and customers. They struggle to make accurate and timely decisions due to a lack of standardization, incomplete information, and no smart way to prioritize application delays acknowledgments. This leads to incorrect pricing, unnecessary risks, and incorrect rejections, adversely impacting customer experience and insurer profitability. IDP led transformation helps commercial insurance underwriters go beyond data extraction and focus on orchestrating processes and delivering value.


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Abhay Chikkanargund

Associate Director, EdgeVerve

Nathan Ogbourne

Director Customer Services Group, Infosys

Vikesh Gupta

Head of Sales - Insurance, Infosys

Doug Ommen

Insurance Commissioner

Dan Israel

Manager Director, Global Insurance Accelerator