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According to reports, 80% to 90% of data within organizations are unstructured, and most of it’s locked in documents or images. Analysts suggest that over 70% of organizations still have paper-based process dependencies, from parsing millions of contracts to managing purchase orders. It comes as no surprise that enterprises are sitting on a goldmine of data lying untapped in images, PDF files, printouts, and emails. The data, if extracted, structured, contextualized, and made available on-demand, could provide valuable insights, enhancing business decisions in the long run.

What are the challenges enterprises face in unlocking insights from unstructured documents? How can enterprises overcome complexities when it comes to digitization?

Enterprises today are moving beyond digitization and are looking at insight-driven consumption of information that can transform business outcomes. This is where the need for an end-to-end document extraction, processing, and comprehension solution, like XtractEdge Platform, comes in. With its advanced AI capabilities, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning-based techniques, XtractEdge Platform structures the world’s complex multi-document data, successfully unlocking business value.

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