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Five Ways AI can Optimize your Workplace

December 15, 2021 - Team EdgeVerve


The penetration of new technology in the workplace is impossible to ignore. Algorithms are working in tandem with humans and pushing enterprises to achieve new and more innovative business goals. The struggle to comprehend a deluge of data to uncover underlying business value continues to increase. This puts additional pressure on the workforce to spend considerable time and effort processing diverse, domain-specific, and complex documents manually and finding precise answers to business questions from across enterprise documents.

The good news is that the grind of repetitive and tedious work is decreasing as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is aiding in tasks like Intelligent Document Processing, hiring new talent, transcribing zoom calls, and everything in between. However, a one size fits all approach to document extraction, processing, and comprehension does not apply in most enterprise scenarios.

With a voluminous amount of data entering our systems every day, enterprises are struggling to comprehend a deluge of data, and users are not equipped to process diverse and complex documents. The workforce is spending more time processing documents manually, which is hampering strategic decision-making. To successfully unlock business value from enterprise documents regardless of their complexity or domain specificity, a purpose-built document extraction, processing, and comprehension platform like XtractEdge Platform is required.

How XtractEdge Platform will work for you:

We live in a time where so much information is digitized. Thanks to AI, be it text-heavy pieces like books and journal articles, a treat for the eyes like plush magazine articles, brochures, and infographics, form-based documents like invoices, forms, and receipts, and images like photographs are all carefully dissected for analysis. A variety of texts offer a great deal of data that deal with a different topics and circumstances, the XtractEdge Platform can help unlock Insights by examining the content for context.

This is achieved by preparing the XtractEdge Platform to interpret a variety of components like images, logos, special symbols, charts, numbers, words, positioning, orientation, colors, white space, and much more. All components that make up that piece of communication are scrutinized, something OCR or Optical Character Recognition (a precursor to this technology) was simply unable to do. This wholistic process of exhaustive research carried out by the AI is akin to how the human brain processes and interprets information; the speed varies, but the accuracy of the information that is extracted is uncompromisingly accurate.

Here are five ways XtractEdge Platform optimizes multiple processes in data management.

Artificial Intelligence is in a near-constant state of progress. With rapid advancements being recorded every single day, we can say for sure that with AI, the workplace will be productive, faster, and more creative. With its advanced AI capabilities that use an ensemble of various Machine Learning and Deep Learning-based techniques, flexible data management, and analytics pipelines, XtractEdge Platform structures the world’s complex multi-document data, makes it consumption ready to unlock the latent business value.

Download the e-book on XtractEdge Platform and unlock enterprise document intelligence with AI.

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