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Accelerate your migration to SAP Ariba Solutions with XtractEdge Contract Analysis

September 9, 2019 - Rajeshwari Ganesan & Badri Devalla

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SAP is currently recommending its clients who are currently on Ariba on-premise for indirect procurement to move to SAP Ariba Solutions for strategic sourcing and supplier management. The move to SAP Ariba Solutions on-cloud is a re-implementation of all SAP Ariba components and involves migration of all contracts – both meta-data and actual contracts – which may exist in many forms (pdf, scanned images etc). This frees the clients from needing any SAP S4/HANA components.

While some clients are choosing to move from Ariba on-premise to SAP Ariba Solutions on cloud, there are others who are hesitant. Here are a few reasons why some clients choose not to move to an on-cloud solution:

On the other hand, the biggest advantage of using hybrid cloud encourages customers to move away from highly customized business processes to business standard quality processes, following the industry’s standard best practices.

Whether clients choose to migrate to SAP Ariba on-cloud or any other solution, most of them ask the same questions:

Given the current situation, it is inevitable that many customers will require contracts to be migrated. This is the right time for XtractEdge Contract Analysis to help clients migrate their contracts from Ariba to SAP Ariba solutions or other platforms.

XtractEdge Contract Analysis does not get in the way of the operational processes. It in fact accelerates the adoption in the following ways:

XtractEdge Contract Analysis utilizes advanced Machine Learning (ML) techniques to automate contracts digitization and extraction, enables operational risk analysis, checks compliance and helps in revenues generation. It acts as a single source of truth to answer any kind of contracts related information by using the following:

Let’s discuss more on this if you have any questions. Get in touch with us here.

Rajeshwari Ganesan & Badri Devalla

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