Privacy Statement

Processing of Personal Information in Japan

For the purposes of processing your Personal Information in Japan, we will follow the Data Privacy Principles and Regulations of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information(‘APPI’) and the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure (‘My Number Act’). Please note that the following provisions will apply to you if you are a Data Subject (resident or citizen) in Japan, in addition to Infosys Global Privacy Statement.

Cross Border Transfer of Data

In general, Infosys Limited, domiciled in Bangalore, is the data controller processing your Personal Information. We may transfer your personal data outside Japan to third parties including countries where the data protection legislation may differ from that of Japan.

As per the obligation called out under the Data Protection law in Japan, when we transfer your personal information to Infosys group companies and service providers outside Japan, Infosys as the transferring organization ‎will remain accountable for the protection of your personal information and ensuring ‎compliance with the applicable legislation, using contractual or other means to provide similarly adequate level of protection while the personal data is being processed by the third party. Additionally, we shall also take all the necessary steps to ensure confidentiality and security of the transferred data.

Your Data Subject Rights in Japan

As a Data Subject located in Japan, you are entitled to the following rights:

If you are a resident of Japan and you wish to exercise your data subject rights as called out above, please refer to section on exercising ‘Your Rights’ in the Infosys Global Privacy Statement.