Privacy Statement

Processing of Personal Information in China

For the purpose of processing your Personal Information in China, we will follow the Data Privacy Principles and regulations of the Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China, 2021 (commonly known as ‘PIPL’). Please note that the following provisions will apply to you, if you are a Data Subject (resident or citizen) in China, in addition to Infosys Global Privacy Statement.

Cross Border transfer of Personal Information:

In general, Infosys Limited, domiciled in Bangalore, is the data controller processing your Personal Information. As per the obligation called out under the PIPL law, we will not provide your personal information stored in China, to any foreign public authorities without getting the prior permission of the Competent Chinese authority.

For transfers to Infosys group companies and service providers outside China if it is required for business or any other purpose, we will inform you of the relevant contact information of the data recipient outside China, the purpose and method of processing, the types of personal information involved, and the methods and procedures by which you can exercise your rights against the data recipient under the PIPL.

Please note that as per the obligation called out under PIPL, we will be conducting a Personal Information Protection Impact Assessment prior to making any such data transfers, in order to assess the impact on personal rights, and security risks of the transfer; and to ensure that the protection measures adopted are legal, effective, and compatible with the degree of risk. We ensure that we take all necessary steps for protection of your personal information in accordance with the obligations called out under the PIPL law.

Your Data Subject Rights in China

As a Data Subject located in China, you are entitled to the following rights:

If you are a resident of the Republic of China and you wish to exercise your data subject rights as called out above, please refer to section on exercising ‘Your Rights’ in the Infosys Global Privacy Statement.