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Automation and AI are changing the way enterprises are doing businesses. These emerging technologies enable quicker processing of workflows by analyzing large amount of information, driving efficiency and achieving scale in business processes. Until lately, automation has been very deterministic, processing repetitive processes and saving man hours and effort. Powered by AI, it is now becoming increasingly intelligent by steering predictive and cognitive decision making.

AssistEdge powered by Infosys Nia™ is a leading product built with a holistic suite of automation and AI capabilities catering to multiple industries and roles. It spans the entire gamut of automation continuum from deterministic through predictive to cognitive automation.

AssistEdge unlocks the power of automation by creating a compelling blueprint, discovering right processes and adopting right technologies. It helps amplify and realize the business value by implementing intelligent automation leveraging RPA, cognitive, AI and ML capabilities. Accelerate your automation journey with human and digital workforce orchestration and synchronization.

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