Strengthening Healthcare Supply Chain Through Digital Transformation

How can pharma companies build a resilient, adaptable, and robust supply chain? How can EdgeVerve’s product offerings help?

According to a report, the healthcare industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing sectors, consuming over 10% of the most developed nations’ GDP. COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted global pharmaceutical supply chains, causing unprecedented disruption and bringing about profound economic shifts in ways never imagined before.

With limited or no visibility on end-customer needs, ever-increasing compliance, and challenges in contract management and indirect spend, pharma companies are experiencing a major supply chain transformation.

This is where EdgeVerve’s multiple product offerings come into play, helping drive efficiencies in different parts of the pharmaceutical supply chain. By leveraging AI and Machine Learning capabilities, pharma companies can automate data collection, gain actionable insights, and improve the overall business outcomes.

This POV gives a sneak-peek into EdgeVerve’s various offerings and how they can help solve different use cases. Create the next generation of connected procurement ecosystem, gain maximum channel visibility and new retailer visibility, and improve retail execution. Download the POV to learn more.


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