Simplifying AI Adoption for immediate business results in Financial Services and Banks

Date: Oct 25, 2018
Time: 9 AM to 9 PM Asia/Kolkata

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About the webinar

Banking and Financial services are fraught with risks involving a high volume of complex transactions. Areas like financial surveillance, risk and compliance, underwriting, tax planning and more, have needed a high level of expertise and real-time insights across a wide range of data.

AI Technologies have advanced in recent years to give great value to solve above problems, but applying these new
technologies in meaningful and simpler way without getting under the hood and getting lost in AI/ML jargons remains a larger challenge for most of the organizations.

Watch the webinar recording to know how Artificial Intelligence can address specific business concerns in Banking and Financial Services and achieve measurable outcomes by:


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Watch the Webinar Recording


Jasdeep Singh Kaler

Associate Vice President, EDGEPR, EdgeVerve

Jasdeep brings 20+ years of experience in Product Development spanning across all areas of product architecture, engineering and management. He has been leading multiple products and has architected key framework components for mission critical enterprise class products. He is an expert in leading large scale organizational change management, business transformation and technology initiatives.

Jasdeep is very passionate about business agility and lean product development in organizations. Currently he is leading multiple products which solve crucial business problems in areas of Lending, Insurance & Supply Chain using Blockchain, AI/ML technologies.

Ashish Khandelwal

Associate Director, EDGEPR, EdgeVerve

Ashish Leads Product Management and Research effort at Edgeverve for Business Applications in Lending Domain. Ashish brings in over 18 years of experience from both, Software Development as well as Leadership position focusing on the Product Development. He has been with Infosys for over a decade in various capacities, working on either side of the fence, closely with the Clients as well as the Product Team.

Ashish is passionate about transforming the Lending industry ailing with legacy technologies through a focused use of AI to automate the process of decision Making.

Praveen Kombial

Global Product Head, Business Applications, EdgeVerve

Praveen has been associated with Infosys since 2006 and is currently the Global Product Head for Business Applications at EdgeVerve, an Infosys company. He is responsible for crafting the strategy and direction of Business Applications with a view to drive measurable outcomes for enterprises. Prior to Infosys, he was with GE Capital and GE money in India and held a gamut of portfolios including retail finance, corporate leasing and risk management.

With this background across core financial services and the evolving outsourcing and technology landscape, Praveen has been on the forefront of executing change and brings a hands on practitioners’ view to driving business outcomes.