Transformation Leaders Summit 2023

Date: Jul 25, 2023 to Jul 27, 2023
Time: 9 AM to 9 PM 
LOCATION: Westin San Diego Downtown

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About the Event

OPEX Week Summer: Transformation Leaders’ Summit

is the perfect place to meet fellow leaders, from pharmaceutical, to financial services, to true disrupters and hear how they are revolutionizing their business through people, processes and technology.

Top Focus area for 2023:

Grabbing your transformation by the horns; Driving greater C-Suite buy-in by more effectively conveying the true ROI of your transformation

Creating the autonomous enterprise; driving the next level of business impact with an innovative technology stack

Discovering practical and tested change management strategies to overcome the change management ‘headache’

Assuring processes are lean and optimized, aligned with strategic business transformation goals, under a clear governance structure

Creating a culture where employees feel at home, proud to work at your organization and feel a sense of ownership over transformation initiatives


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EdgeVerve at OPEX Week Summer 2023

Insights to Transformation : Navigate your Blind Spots

The biggest risk to an enterprise is its blind spots that can occur for many reasons – sheer complexity of operations, dark data hidden in innumerable processes, or lack of interoperability between systems and technology.

While no enterprise is immune to blind spots— orchestrating a Connected Enterprise where humanity, AI, and automation work together, can help mitigate these blind spots effectively.

As a Gold Sponsor of OPEX Week 2023, EdgeVerve will be at Booth #5 where attendees can interact with our experts to learn how EdgeVerve’s digital platforms connect data, technology, people, processes, and networks, to build a Connected Enterprise that is better for people, businesses, and communities.


Join EdgeVerve at OPEX Week

Connected Enterprise – Shaping the future with agility and resilience
Track Session: July 27,2023

Enterprises are like complex living organisms, characterized by various functions, that can sense and synthesize huge volumes of data in the environment to find opportunities and navigate disruptions. And just like living organisms, enterprises must leverage AI to detect blind spots, and use the right data at the right time to decide sooner and act faster.

That brings us to the pertinent questions:

Join, Badri Devalla, AVP, AI & Automation Solutions Head, EdgeVerve, at OPEX Week Summer on July 27, 2023 as he shares his view on how we can change businesses into living, sensing, responding, and learning organisms that adapt quickly.


Badri Devalla

AVP, AI & Automation Solutions Head, EdgeVerve