ProcureCon Indirect East 2016

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Event overview

ProcureCon Indirect East provides best practice strategies for procurement transformation and evolution from a straight sourcing and purchasing role of indirect goods and services to delivering strategic cost savings and value creation. You will learn how to improve supplier relationships and integrate strategic suppliers into your organization, incorporate new technology tools into your solutions mix, and staff your team for maximum results. You will also learn about innovations in indirect procurement and how to maintain procurement’s visibility in the C-suite in a rising cost environment. ProcureCon Indirect East is structured to give you ample time to make new connections and strengthen prior relationships with your peers of similar job function as well as procurement maturity.

Who should attend?

The session is an excellent opportunity for Chief Procurement Officers and Strategic Procurement executives to learn about how to make an informed investment to enhance compliance and increase savings.

Session description

Next-gen procurement transformation is all about increasing compliance based on actionable purchase insights and centralized content based on pre-negotiated contracts, prices & volumes.

In this session, we will discuss about how next generation procurement transformation is all about predicting what a buyer needs based on previous purchase history, pre-negotiated content and complying with organizational policies. This can be achieved only through a trusted advisor who can offer an integrated system of content and technology that is pre-built with actionable intelligence to forcibly offer users compliant choices of items and suppliers. The first step to achieving this is by consolidating suppliers and content based on pre-negotiated contracts, prices and volumes.

Today, many procurement organizations are battling certain basic challenges such as maverick spends and low compliance. This is due to the fact that many technology platforms, however robust, lack visibility into the organization’s purchasing policies and compliant, pre-negotiated contracts/suppliers. As a result, buyers end up purchasing items from out-of-contract suppliers at a higher price leading to lack of basic contract compliance.