About the summit

Infosys Finacle and Amazon Web Services are pleased to invite you to Philippines Connect, an exclusive banking technology and innovation summit, on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018.

Today, the banking business is undergoing a fundamental shift. A clutch of key forces, revolving around Blockchain, digital transformation and Open Banking, are set to re-shape banking, making it at once more open, more collaborative and more invisible. In a world of constant change, how well placed are Philippines banks to embrace these shifts, and yet accelerate growth, create new business avenues and new ways of customer engagement?

With the underlying theme of “Transforming for the future”, this summit will provide a platform to deliberate on emergent opportunities, challenges and what it will take for Philippines banks to be ready for the future. The summit will bring together thought leaders, subject matter experts and senior leaders from the Philippines banking industry.

We request you to please confirm your participation by registering. We look forward to meeting you at the Philippines Connect 2018.