Frugal innovations for emerging markets

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Event overview

This webinar provides good insights on the business challenges faced by many companies who are trying to increase their sales in the emerging markets. In addition, it debates on innovative strategies, which can overcome these challenges.

Why attend?

Emerging markets are fundamentally different. Winning here requires completely different strategies and a different mind-set. Visual ordering, self-service through SMS and Vizi cooler are some of the innovative tools that consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies employ. This is to counter the lack of infrastructure, dearth of skilled labor and unfriendly environmental conditions. This webinar will give an overview of some of the lesser known innovations that can help your CPG company to:

Who should attend?

The webinar is an excellent opportunity for executives and decision-makers to interact with experts. It will help them understand how new technologies can help manage complex distribution management network and increase sales.