Consumer Goods Emerging Global Markets Forum 2015

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Event overview

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies today are looking towards emerging markets to boost their business growth. This event provides ample opportunities to interact with subject matter experts for insights into key emerging business trends and technologies.

Connect with Infosys

We are proud to collaborate with Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) to support the consumer goods community. Consumer Goods Emerging Global Markets Forum 2015 is an event designed and focused for consumer goods companies. The theme of this year’s forum will be ‘achieving profitable growth and innovation.’

Session details

Topic: Frugal Innovations for Emerging Markets
Speaker(s): Suresh P. Bharadwaj, Senior Director and Product Head – TradeEdge

Session description

Emerging markets are fundamentally different. Winning here requires completely different strategies and completely different mind-set. Visual ordering, self-service through SMS, Vizi cooler are some of the innovative tools that CPG companies employ to counter the lack of infrastructure, dearth of skilled labor and unfriendly environmental conditions. This session will give an overview of some of the lesser known innovations that can take your CPG company to the next level.